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Help For NewMembers

When you enter Moove a lot think its a game or like Sims, its a 3d Adult chat site, we say adult but we do have children on Moove and we always like to protect them, any one causing any improper situations with them is dealt with according to Moove Rules.
Most of the children are Moove Members own children and are watch closely, but some children do visit us, a lot do not like this so please when you make a room set it so only 18+ can visit . (Please see  Now for the work .)

As we make these type of sites we think we have covered all that’s needed , its not until we have a new member and they ask something and we think

“ Oh bunnies forgot about that”

That is the reason this site is always being updated, it may be weekly or monthly and unless I have got it all correct a year …

Well one can only hope

A related site for help on the files and folders in your Moove folder
[the reason why this has been made I have had a few Members New Ones come to me saying Moove is no good and it turns out SOMEONE had told them to delete files and folders they don't need, so they did,, so please have a look at this site to know what to do and what not to do. I think they where told to just do the AKA file which is coverd on the site.]

A big thank you to those who either suggested or contrbuted to this site
I want to also thank you to
*Mel_Rompepelotas* She has made a translation of this site for the SPANISH speaking Members

A Big thank you to *Lothar* for his help as he has pointed out a few things to make this site a little easier to help you the Members

*RexUK* sadly has left moove due to personnel problems
*Blue2*...a good helper and designer, ty Blue:)
JO_D_die_HOT-TiE...his main concern are for those who do not wish to have some one in thier own house, M.I.D Power ty JO

This site would not have been done if it was not for *Rex* He has helped a lot and contributed a lot of input and a bit of work,
Thank you Brother .
since this site was started my Brother has left Moove, he will be missed greatly by not only me but a few other's as well he left through personnel reason's and not because of Moove.