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Software and Rendering
Help For NewMembers

Rendering and Software will be two things that you will her about, these are two ways to have moove set at .

I personnel use SOFTWARE, but a lot have it in REDERING if you have just joined Moove it will all ready be at RENDERING if your computer can do this, I have done two pictures please click on them to see the diffrence



With rendering you will notice straightaway that there is no slide bar to the RIGHT, also the room has a shinny floor and room looks longer

With the SOFTWARE you have a sliding bar plus the floor is not shinny looks a little bit shorter

Here are two pictures of the same room standing in the same place, and see the difference, the RENDERING one you have to move around using the Camera controls at bottom , arrow keys, click and jump but the other things you can gain is lighting effects, now with SOFTWARE ( this is my personal view) you do not have to use the camera controls at bottom you can walk as in Rendering you have the slide bare to view up and down as well as all the other things like RENDERING I think you will have to try the two to see which you feel more comfortable with

1) To select either Rendering or Software first click on view and then options.


2) From options presented click on Rendering.


3) Select the option you want then click OK.


4) Once complete restart Moove program for change to take effect.