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Creating a New Room
Help For NewMembers

We have learnt how to decorate, paint and BACKUP our room we have done but you wish to have a different style of room, a few things to remember
1) If you are using a non Moove shape room please make sure you have that shaped room Site, MPZ handy so you can pass to your friends or they will not be able to visit it
2) It its what I call a Matrix room you can paint walls, floor and ceilings, ( Ceilings you lay and look through actors eyes to paint)
3) You may have to play with the pxl sizes to get the correct effect.
4) If your doing every thing in DX Rendering and some one visits and is not using it, they will see a lot of lines and not what you have done.


On the ICONS the one named ROOM, click on it

Please click on the picture to see Larger

Now to choose the room style and set all up.

Now that you can see what each window is for its a lot easier, but if you made that room and do not want it after, just click on HOUSE look for the room you wish to delete, but remember you have to be out of the room also make sure you want to do this as it will not be recovered un less you have saved the back up paints, and the furniture you have in it, go to this site to learn how to save rooms.

In the one for Visitors allowed you can see a lot of other choices, from Read and copy files to Broadcast web shots, usually we just use
Read and copy files ...usually for the Zip files and mpz  you wish all to have.
Bring files with them ...only except those you wish
Broadcast web pages...F4 and they will get a request to view the site
The others I will not use as they can cause a few probs, like the moving of furniture, is annoying when you have set all up for some one to come in and move all around, but is easily solved, just go to ROOM and click on the restore button this is done when you are in the room