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Help For NewMembers

When you want to use STUDIO, click on ACTORS ICON, Awindow will open please click on STUDIO, it will take you to a room like screen, now for the fun I have shown you what it will look like for MALE and FEMALE when you get your basic act. Ok you guys yes there is something missing, and to dress your act it has to be missing or it will be classed as indecent, and we don’t like that.





<<< I have shown you what to load, to start dressing, you dress your act as you would yourself in to out, if you look just under the small screen of your act, there is a variety of outfits ( that's if you have loaded off sites and moove) if you have not you will just have the basic for moove, here no one can help as its all up to you, when your happy with all you have done you have to save your act, at this stage Id say hey play around and see whats, what.>>>

And to dress your self as you have done AFTER you have named and saved, exit Studio , go to ICON and go to MY ACTS you will see what you have created in there. all you have to do is click on the act you wish to wear.