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Wall Pictures
Help For NewMembers

I still get new members asking how to put pics on walls, I have re-new this help

Right your happy with all that you have done so far, but the walls are so bare, and you want to put pictures up, ok lets do it.

To see pics larger click on them where possible


You want to place a Picture on your wall, first find the folder with the picture in it you want to use.



Click on the Picture to high light it and drag into the room you want it in. Drag it onto the wall you wish it to be.


OK your not happy with the Size or its quality, Right click on the picture, you will be given choices , try the Size and quality buttons,
And that's all there is to it, :) simple ain't it?
Well now you want to go that little bit further, and advertise your web pages, well here goes, all is simple so if I can do it any one can lol...oops did I say I was thick???


Right click on the picture, go to  EDIT 3D click on it


You will have this show up


I have wrote the site for NewMembersHelp. this is where you write your site what its called and the address


ok all done now test it :) congradulation, and have fun