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Help For NewMembers

Well now we are doing another form of Actor/doll we all have our own favorite names for them, but this is about those Red Bots ,and you thought it was all green ones lol


There two ways to have this Red Bot.
One is souls, that means the person who is visiting you has a diffrent  Soul and not one of Mooves, you will need it, so they will have to pass it on to you, oh and to make sure you up date the  __SoulList,  this is how you get to it;
The list is in txt format all you have to do it type it in there
And the other way to see that red bot is  with an  ACTFILE
I will be trying to show you what and how to load this.

*Blue2* has also pointed out that if you do not have the soul you can also see the default soul for that Act.
In other words if you have a soul for a sexy walk, and the other person See's you , it will be the Moove basic default soul, a plain walk :(  sighs sorry

You will be offerd a file, click except to down load it, it will go to a folder in your MOOVE folder called RECIEVED, in that folder will be a lot of other folders or maybe just one it all depends on how many people have offerd you something, open the RECIEVED folder with the name of the person who has sent the file.      
You will see Either a Zip File or an Act File.
Open the Zip FILE and place the ACT in your ACT FOLDER in MOOVE.
If t is just an Act file place it in the ACTFILES


You will need to load the ADDON first.

Go to MOOVE Shop I have put pictures of what you will see



Add your content here


Go to the EXTRA's Icon click on it you will see ADDON, click on this and a floating window will open called AddOn

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Ok, easy wasnt it :) have a cuppa or what ever your fav drink is befor we start next stage, as it is where a lot have a few problems with.
In the floating Window you will see ONE STICK MAN and THREE STICK MEN, some use the one to load some use the Three, both are correct is what you feel comfotable with
This is the ONE STICK MAN way
Follow the pictures as well
Click on the one stick mane it will open a window where you have put the act file.
High light it click as follows



I think it is explained well in the winow :)
OK! OK! you wanted to know what I was, when I was a nice Red Bot, well here I am lol