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Now you have your house looking a bit how you like it, but oh dear the Act, don’t worry they can be alterd in a Varity of ways

Acts that are made by others all pre clothed or useing the OUTFITS , also as you travel around Moove you will see what we call RED BOTS or GREEN BOXES, the red are pre made actors clothed, the green boxes are acts that have been clothed in Studio and have to load, if you see the RED BOT ask the person for the act as you see a red bot, the green well they do and will load eventually and some times you will see body parts away from the owner, just ask the owner to move , it will all get together then.


When you get to this site for go to OUTFITS all is in German but can be understood.

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Secret outfits are excellent, and she is getting better by the day.

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There is a variety of FREE outfits on Cathy's site,
to fit a lot of tastes

The above are a few of the free designer sites, also you can load off moove, There is a saying , if you see it and its free down load it lol
( but save in a separate folder to load at your leisure.) 
To Load off Moove go to http://www.moove.com/shop.htm