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Lost Rooms
Help For NewMembers

I get a few Members come to me moaning they have lost a room.

“Its not there I have looked and cannot find it”

“It was there yesterday and now is gone Moove is useless”

Oh! Yes how oftain have we all thought or said that? Well before blaming Moove look, if you have made the room, and backed it up it will be there, what I have found out is a lot have not named it correct or miss named it, or they had not backed the room up at all. Yes on the very rare occasion it is lost completely I do not know how Moove could be blamed as all is saved on the computer.


As you can see there are circles with numbers.
Please follow each via numbers is best ;)
1) I have my compouter as c drive as a lot do but some have it as another letter.
2) Open the MOOVE folder
3) Go to the BACK UP folder
4) This is what is in that folder all the types of rooms you have now open the folder of the type of room if you had backed it up it will be there if the room was not backed up sorry is lost.


I have opened the BUNGALOW and as you see there is a few backups one called "working on"

now if I had thought I called it "Working On Room"  that would have been a mistake as I use upper case and added another word so that room would not show.


When you join Moove your shown how to get to different rooms or ones you make, and as usual a lot see the first opening then panic...the room they made or got off a site isn't there like down loading PVL_Blue Corridor, (or any room)


All they had to do was SCROLL the room list, a simple thing like that so please look at SCROLLING down as well as across if you have loaded it or made it its there some where.

One other famous one is.
If you add a new room, it starts locked. If you call house reception prior to changing the room properties, this new room will not be in the list, because it is locked. So always check to make sure when you backupthe room it is unlocked.