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Getting to know whats what
Help For NewMembers

Now when you entered your own house it was just furnished as all new members rooms, ok not your style, and you wish to change it, well here goes.

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The Door

As you place your mouse pointer over the door a little tag will tell you where that door has been allocated, For this I have just made a room, called " A Room "


As you placed your mouse over the door and been presented with the tag to state where it is allocated to , RIGHT CLICK and another list is presented to you with choices, please ignore all except the one that is called USE, click on that and you will be teleported to the room that door has been allocated to.

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List of more Choices

Place the mouse pointer on to the floor, right click you will be presented with a box with a few choices. We will be wanting Furniture, Gadgets, Decoration, Doors, Carpets, to make your own mark on this room.

Click on the ADD FURNITURE and there are our choices , best way to know whats what and where things are is to try all there is in the list.

Our choice

To paint the walls and ceiling you will have to look at one of my other sites   http://pavlana0.tripod.com  but remember you have to drag and drop the actual pictures, paintings for walls on to the walls, ceiling, floor from the little paint display box, all is explained. to put actual pictures on walls I will explain as we go along.