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Free Furniture
Help For NewMembers

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There are a lot of items free on this site and is one of the best .. 
A few of the items they are charging for, this is understandable as a lot of time and work go into all the work, plus they have to buy items to make into items for Moove but please remember this as you look at all the items off all the designers on Moove.

This is................ IRIS SITE

when you get to this site it is whats called a self loader, you just click on the picture its all done for you, when its all done just go to your moove room click the floor and do add furniture but cancel when all shows, now its all loaded in moove


This site is about the very first to make items for Moove, as Items I mean more than just a seat or a sofa, SQ is the leader of it all with Iris


This site has so much to offer you, she has covered a lot of tastes from outside to indoors from household items to fire department items.


When you travel on Moove some one will give you a site you have not seen before, this one was given to me by my Moove Brother, and have since used it on a regular bases, and all is free as well .

When you down load please make a folder for the zip files , Start now make folders the name of the designers, and put in it the zip files or MPZ saves haveing to look for all you have to pass on, open the zip file as you will see a MPZ

This is what an MPZ looks like

When you open the zip file you will have one or more things looking like this, I have found the best way to double click on the mpz and it will load, but remember to go to the room in moove to load,
Right click floor, add furniture, when all is loaded, and window shows click cancel

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