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Now for the fun folder, in this one you will find all the folders of the ones who use your computer no matter if its you with a few nicks or your family, they all will show in this, I will show whats in just one of the folders, this will be the same in all.
( it is not mine its a pretend one)


I will open the JO BLOGGS one and will explain all ( as best as I can)


1......All the rooms you have made go here ( as well as the back up but the back ups are in types of rooms ) this is the complete room with furniture and all you have put in it, you will note they are numberd so to find which is the room your looking for you will have to open the folder and look for a clue.
2......Humm chat log now you will find all the chatlogs you have had all in TXT_DOCUMENT'S now that is if you have allowed the save of chat logs, these do come in handy as you can always refer back to a chat, as we all make silly mistakes at times. These can be deleted but remember once gone all proof is gone of what was said. I always save each months in a seperate folder with that month as the name and keep for a year.
3......Like all offices this keeps all the information needed like for the "HI" off Legalos I will never delete this folder. the bottom you will see somefiles I have highlighted